Problems and Solutions in Physics (pdf)

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Problems and Solutions in Elementary Physics (pdf)
1 Kinematics Equations
1.1 Miscellaneous Problems in Kinematics
1.1.1 Minimum Time for a Vehicle to go from 0 to 60 mph
1.1.2 Minimum Stopping Distance
1.1.3 Flight of the Bumblebee
2 Bouncing Ball
3 Maximum Velocity in a QuarterMile
4 Rolling Up A Ramp
4.1 Maximum Height of Ball
4.2 Hoop, Disk, Cylinder and Sphere
5 Height of Water in Tank
6 Bead Sliding on Wire
7 James Bond’s Ski Saga
8 Moment of Inertia
8.1 Constant Moment Arm
8.2 Moment of Disk or Solid Cylinder About Axis
8.3 Moment of Thin Spherical Shell About Axis
8.4 Moment of Solid Sphere About Axis
9 Vertical Loop
9.1 Ball on String
9.2 Cart on Track
9.3 Pole Vault
10 Cue Ball Slip Problems
10.1 Slip Problem #1
10.2 Slip Problem #2
11 Object on a Bowling Ball
11.1 Bug on a Bowling Ball
11.2 Marble on a Bowling Ball
12 Volume of Solid Ring
13 Orbital Velocity for Low Earth Orbit
14 Escape Velocity
15 Geosynchronous Orbit
16 Simple HarmonicMotion
17 Gravitational Field Inside a Spherical Shell
18 Tunnel Through the Earth
19 Snell’s Law
20 Mirrors and Lenses
20.1 Finding the Focal Point
20.2 The Mirror/Lens Equation
20.3 Lensmaker’s Formula
21 Solar Constant
22 Miscellaneous Physical Constants

Problems and Solutions in Physics (pdf)
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