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repetitor Hi! My name is Vitaliy Yarysh. I am a full time private tutor with experience tutoring mathematics, physics. I graduated from Physics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with honours and PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics. I have 11 years experience as a personal tutor. Friendly, patient and professional.
I offer one-to-one tuition in mathematics and physics. I teach ONLINE.

I specialise in working with
IB Diploma Maths AA/AI SL/HL, IB Physics SL/HL,
A-LEVEL Maths & Physics (Edexcel, AQA, OCR),
GCSE/IGCSE Maths & Physics,
SAT (The Math Part).

I use whiteboards for online tuition (Zoom or Skype). I am normally available 7 days a week, and am also flexible on the time of day.

My tutoring philosophy relies strongly on the building of rapport between student and tutor. I adapt my teaching style towards the personality of my students, this helps students reach a higher level of knowledge and success. The approach to teaching used is steered using positive reinforcement. I lead students to attaining knowledge themselves by asking precise, incremental questions rather than simply feeding it to them as facts to be learnt. Different students have different ways of understanding different subjects. At the first instance, I try to understand the specific level of the student and move on from there. My first goal is to help the student understand the basic concepts, develop his/her self confidence, and help him/her achieve the best results by focusing on his/her weakest points and solve as many problems as possible quickly and correctly. My approach to tutoring is friendly and informal. I prefer to let the tutee dictate the pace of a session by encouraging them to interrupt or ask me to repeat myself when we hit upon work they are not fully understanding.

I can offer either ‘long-term’ tutoring, where I see a student regularly, for an hour or so a week to help them keep up with their course, or ‘intensive’ tutoring, where I see the student many times a week for a short time.

Benefits of private tuition

• Each lesson is organized specially for you to meet your learning needs.

• Personalised attention and detailed feedback from a tutor allow to use your time the most efficiently (comparing with, for example, just watching video lessons or reading a book when you can get stuck and become unable to move onwards).

• Convenience learning at own pace with minimal distractions (comparing with studying in a group of students or class of 30).

I have all required materials (past papers, question bank, books). You need just schedule a lesson and tell me a topic or questions (what you would like to do during the lesson).

Tuition rate: €60-70(£50-60)/hr, SAT €50/hr. Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer (UK local), bank card.

At this time I’m taking on new students! Contact me the following ways:

WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber: +380683585022 or just click on the link:   WhatsApp   Telegram   Viber   YouTube

Achievements of my students:

A-level Edexcel Maths A,
IB Physics HL 6 compared to 4 in mocks,
IB Maths AA HL 7/7,
A-level Edexcel Maths progress from E to B (the 1st year), A (the final exam),
Cambridge IGCSE: Maths A, Physics A, Chemistry А and A-level OCR Maths A,
ACT maths 32/36, SAT Maths 740/800,
SAT Maths Level 2 Subject Test: 700/800, 800/800, SAT Physics Subject Test: 790/800,
SAT Physics Subject Test: 790 out of 800.


«I am pleased to recommend Mr. Vitaliy Yarysh as an extremely polite and responsible tutor. I sought his help as my son was struggling with IB Math and Mr. Yarysh contributed immensely to my son’s progress on IB Math. Such progress was clear after just few lessons. It is a pleasure to deal with this fine mannered and very knowledgeable teacher.»
Hossam Aly, Ambassador of Egypt to Ukraine.

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KD says:

08.11.2016 at 22:18

Dear MR VItaliy, thanks a lot

Caleb says:

28.12.2016 at 19:20

I am interested in the IB Math past papers on your website and realized that password is needed for access. I wonder if you could kindly let me know the password, or let me know what it takes to get it?

paul says:

19.02.2017 at 06:36

Hi im interested in the math hl worked solutions book is there any way you could help me source a pdf copy? thanks for your help

Seabass says:

13.01.2018 at 04:58

Vitaliy- Good morning from China. I teach IB physics here in China and I found the .pdf that you had for the DOT Physics Core 1. Do you have the rest of the IB core in .pdf form? Cheers!

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