IB Further Mathematics Books

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IB Further Mathematics Book 1
IB Further Mathematics Geometry
Mathematics HL Statistics Oxford 2014 ………. SOLUTIONS
Mathematics-HL-OPTION-Calculus-Oxford-2014 ………. SOLUTIONS
Mathematics HL-OPTION-Sets-Oxford-2014
HAESE Option Calculus
HAESE All optional themes
IB Mathematics HL Core + Optinal Chapters (pdf)

Calculus. Sequences and Series.

Introduction (pdf)
Limits of sequences and functions (pdf)
Improper integrals (pdf)
Infinite series (pdf)
Maclaurin and Taylor series (pdf)
Differential equations (pdf)
Summary and mixed examination practice (pdf)
Answers (pdf)

Discrete mathematics.

Introduction (pdf)
Methods of proof (pdf)
Divisibility and prime numbers (pdf)
Representation of integers in different bases (pdf)
Linear Diophantine equations (pdf)
Modular arithmetic (pdf)
Graph theory (pdf)
Algorithms on graphs (pdf)
Recurrence relations (pdf)
Summary and mixed examination practice (pdf)
Answers (pdf)

Statistics and probability.

Introduction (pdf)
Combining random variables (pdf)
More about statistical distribution (pdf)
Cumulative distribution functions (pdf)
Unbiased estimators and confidence intervals (pdf)
Hypotesis testing (pdf)
Bivariate distributions (pdf)
Summary and mixed examination practice (pdf)
Answers (pdf)

Sets, relations and groups.

Introduction (pdf)
Prediminaries: proof by contradiction (pdf)
Sets and operations (pdf)
Ordered pairs, relations and functions (pdf)
Groups and subgroups (pdf)
Groups of order 6 (pdf)
Summary and mixed examination practice (pdf)
Answers (pdf)

IB Further Mathematics Books
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